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Kris & Kim, Sasha & Maria, Jay-Z & Beyonce'...and "Big Sexy"

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Norman Chad, the Washington Post columnist and ESPN poker fanatic, doesn't really know why Kim Kardashian is devoting so much of her life to Kris Humphries, but he thinks he knows the secret behind the Nets' sudden star power.  They're all quite something, he writes: Kris and Kim, Sasha and Maria, Jay-Z and Beyonce', but they pale compared to the boss. 

He wouldn't call it "The Prokhorov Effect" (but of course, WE would.) 

"Anyway, for all of the Nets' sudden sex appeal, nobody is steamier than their new poo-bah, 6-foot-7 industrialist Mikhail Prokhorov," Chad writes.  Prokhorov may only be Russia's second richest man, "behind some guy who couldn't get Kim Kardashian on the phone if his life depended on it," but he is "the anti-Mark Cuban - America's new Big Sexy." We think we'll stop right there.