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Pistons, Cavs Talking With Nets About Multi-Team Deal for 'Melo?

Writers covering the Pistons and and Cavaliers report the Nets have been in touch with those teams about joining  in a multi-team deal that would bring Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. Billy King has already initiated a four-team and a three-team deal since taking over in July.

Terry Foster, a columnist for the Detroit News reports "There are Nets-Nuggets trade talks involving up to three other teams, including the Pistons."

Likewise, Bob Finnan, veteran writer for a suburban Cleveland paper, writes: "The Nets are attempting to bring in other teams to expand the parameters of the trade, and that's where the Cavs might fit in. They have the assets to get involved in such a deal."

Neither provides details, but both believe the Nets have the inside track on Anthony.  Finnan does add that "Troy Murphy has been told to bide his time and wait for a trade."  Meanwhile, the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey reports there is some division within the Nuggets organization regarding a complete rebuilding.