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Farmar: Coaching Staff Has Done "Great Job Being Patient"

In a recent interview posted to his website, Jordan Farmar talks about the transition from playing for the world champions to playing for the Nets.  One of the bright spots for the team this season, Farmar said the team is trying to learn from its mistakes and credited the Nets' coaching staff with keeping everyone upbeat during a tough season.

"The coaching staff has done a great job being patient and understanding this is going to be a process, turning this team around," Farmar told Ryan McNeill from HoopsAddict.  "We've been fighting. we've been in every game, we've been competitive. It's about learning from those mistakes and converting the next time we get those opportunities."

Farmar also spoke about his own patience in learning to run a team. The native Angeleno has become a favorite of the front office as well as the fans. Recently, he was the featured speaker, along with chairman Christophe Charlier, at an reception and sales pitch for Russians living in New York.