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For Prokhorov and Nets, LeBron's Comment Stings...For Now

Dmitry Beliakov
Dmitry Beliakov

Mikhail Prokhorov had an opportunity to comment on LeBron James' insult, the one about how the NBA might be better off without the Nets.  He chose not to ...but that doesn't mean he was pleased or took it lightly.  He wasn't and didn't.

Of course, doing well is the best revenge and that is what he and the Nets are plotting, if not for now, then for the long term.  Al Iannazzone writes this weekend while "the Nets are not very good now, haven’t been for a few years... most believe they are certainly heading in the right direction, especially with Prokhorov signing the checks. James, apparently, doesn’t think so".

Not saying it will be easy, or fast, but they're getting there, Iannazzone writes. "The Nets hope to build a team that could compete with the likes of James’ Heat. Contracting isn’t on the mind of the Nets as much as attracting star talent is."