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Waiting for 'Melo, Happy with "The Machine"

The Nets won three of their last five, their best five-game stretch since last  March.  That's one piece of good news, but as Colin Stephenson reports, the team is now likely to get into a waiting game with the Nuggets.  Even after Denver renews trade talks, shut down out of respect for a grieving Carmelo Anthony, they may wait to get serious.

The reason: with the return of Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen, Nuggets management hopes to go on a run that will persuade 'Melo to stay and sign that $65 million extension.

But even without Anthony, the Nets are invigorated by their success, such as it is, and the arrival of Sasha Vujacic, who Avery Johnson credits with a lot of the team's improvement.  "I like where we are, post-this trade for Sasha," Johnson said. "I like the energy of our ballclub."