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Prokhorov Tells Russian Media Nets Have "Explosive Profit Potential"


In an interview published Thursday in Vedomosti, Russia's leading financial journal, Mikhail Prokhorov once again says the Nets will be NBA champions by 2015 and that his investment in the team and arena will be worth $700 million as soon as they move to Brooklyn in 2012. He also expects to earn an annual profit of $30 million in Brooklyn.

Prokhorov called the Nets a "project with explosive profit potential" noting, "We have a team, we're building the arena, we've hired professional management". He adds that he also holds an option to buy part (20%) of the overall Atlantic Yards. As for the current situation, the Nets' owner tries to divert the interviewer from their on-court problems by playfully noting they have just added draft picks!

Separately, the New York Observer ranks Prokhorov the 38th most powerful person in the city, saying he "embodies a new Russian elite swarming the city."  He ranks ahead of Jay-Z (#46), the Dolans (#52) and Bruce Ratner (#109).

ВЕДОМОСТИ: Зачем вы купили New Jersey Nets? И почему у нее дела не очень ладятся?

VEDOMOSTI: Why did you buy the New Jersey Nets?  And why aren't things going so well with them?

Прохоров: С чего вы взяли? У нас уже четыре драфт-пика. Не заметили?
Есть команда, строится арена, набран профессиональный менеджмент, есть опцион участия
в еще одном крупном проекте - строительстве офисного центра. Для меня в целом это взрывной по стоимости проект. Капитализация команды после переезда в Бруклин будет $700 млн. Она будет зарабатывать миллионов 30. И арена будет стоить под $1 млрд. Планируем в течение пяти лет стать чемпионам NBA. Бруклин - это столица эмиграции, там только 450 000 бывших наших живет, а больших команд, за кого можно болеть, у них нет.

Prokhorov: Why do you say that?  We have four draft picks, haven't you noticed?  We have a team, we're building the arena, we've hired professional management, we have the option to buy in to another large project, the building of an office center.  For me, this is a project with explosive profit potential.  The capitalization of the team will be $700 million after we move to Brooklyn.  It will earn approximately 30.  And the arena will be worth around $1 billion.  We are planning to become NBA champions within five years.  Brooklyn is the capital of immigration, there are some 450,000 people from our part of the world living there with no major sports teams to root for.


ВЕДОМОСТИ: Какие испытываете ощущения, глядя на баскетболистов снизу вверх?

VEDOMOSTI: How does it feel to be looking up at the basketball players?

Прохоров - Дикий дискомфорт, чувствую себя не в своей тарелке. Страшные ощущения, когда человек на голову тебя выше.

Prokhorov: Terribly uncomfortable.  I don't feel at ease at all.  It's a horrible feeling when a person is a head taller than you.

ВЕДОМОСТИ: А как вы с маленькими чиновниками общаетесь?

VEDOMOSTI:  So how do you interact with small bureaucrats?

Прохоров - Сидя.

Prokhorov: Sitting down.