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Iannazzone: Expect 'Melo To Cost The Nets Harris

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The combination of Carmelo Anthony's grief over his sister's death and the holidays will quell any trade talks through next week, but as the Nets and Nuggets inch closer to a deal, expect to hear Devin Harris' name mentioned, possibly in a three team deal involving the Cavaliers, says Al Iannazzone.

Although the parameters of a trade have yet to be finalized, Iannazzone reports the Nets would almost certainly have to give up Harris and would get back not just Anthony but the previously reported Al Harrington as well as Renaldo Balkman or some similarly priced asset.

In other reports, it's been Chauncey Billups who'd join the Nets. The Nets reportedly have multiple options for the Nuggets to choose from.

Once a deal is in place, he adds in a separate article, expect Mikhail Prokhorov to become fully engaged in the wooing of 'Melo, using a brand new, billion dollar arena in his hometown of Brooklyn as the lure.