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Favors Still Favored by Denver

In promoting his Rookie Rankings, David Thorpe writes that the #4 ranked rookie, Derrick Favors, has indeed impressed the Nuggets.  Reports earlier Wednesday said a trade for Carmelo Anthony has been slowed down because Denver isn't certain Favors is going to be a star. 

Not so says Thorpe.

"There is a reason people believe he is valued greatly by Denver as part of a Melo deal," writes Thorpe.  "He plays with a good pace, plays under control and always thinks rebound, especially on the offensive end."

NBA's Drew Packham still has Favors down at #8, but adds, "Favors continues to be among the rookie leaders in field-goal percentage, at 55.6 percent. "The Nets have won three of their last four, so the youngster gets some credit."