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Avery: "I Am NOT a Control Freak!"

Avery Johnson wants you to know, reports to the contrary, he is not a control freak.  Nope.

"It’s just blatant lies, said the coach. "But that’s just the way it happens. One guy tells one lie and by the time it gets to the 10th person, boy, it’s a really manufactured one. So, that’s a part of the deal; I think Bill Parcells and Belichick – even Sean Payton, my main man Sean Payton – they’ve all been lied on. Gregg Popovich."

That aside, Johnson is happy to be home and probably even happier not to have the Hornets job.  The Nets may be seven games worse than the Hornets, but the Hornets are owned by the league and the Nets are owned by the league's richest owner.  Big difference.

"I am in a great situation," he told reporters. "I wouldn’t want to be working for any other ownership group."