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As Critics Try Last Ditch Effort, Aerial Photos Show Broad Progress

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

Critics of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project were in court again Wednesday trying to get a Manhattan judge to shut down construction at Barclays Center but decided to withdraw their motion when the judge appeared to favor the state agency in charge of the project. The critics can file an amended motion but according to one report, it will not include a request to suspend construction. Any new hearing won't be held til February.

Critics argue that changes to the project, most brought about by previous litigation and the economic downturn, require a new environmental impact study, which would delay the arena.  In particular, the critics cite an 1,100-space parking lot that will add congestion and pollution to their neighborhood.  Meanwhile, Tom Kaminski, WCBS 880's long time traffic reporter, flew over the construction site Wednesday morning and snapped some aerial images of arena progress.