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Humphries Hires Personal Publicist To Handle Love Life Questions

Okay, all of you who thought back in September that Kris Humphries would have nine double-doubles by this point in the season, raise your hand.  Now, those who thought Hump would need a personal publicist to handle questions about his love life with Kim Kardashian, keep 'em up.  We don't see many hands.

The Post's Page Six (yes that Page Six) is reporting Humphries has hired Liza Anderson, who also handles Eva Longoria, the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Tony Parker, to "handle inquiries into his love life."  As one celebrity wag told the Post, "Kim is a master at her own publicity. Kris' team wanted to make sure they get his message out. It was a decision by his management team."

We love this game.