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Enter the Mavericks...or Not

You've read or heard about the rivalry between billionaire owners Mikhail Prokhorov and Mark Cuban.  Until now, it's been mostly good-natured ribbing although Cuban's rub about Prokhorov not spending money could not have sat well at Onexim headquarters in Moscow. 

Is it getting more serious?

Several sources reported the Mavericks have entered the trade discussions for Carmelo Anthony. Although Dallas has not been mentioned as a preferred destination by 'Melo, Cuban has said depending on the player, he'd be willing to take a chance in a trade without the guarantee of an extension. But late Wednesday, he denied being interested in breaking up his successful combination in Dallas and trashed the main reporter pushing it.

"If [Ken Berger] is going to make things up, the reporter should at least be honest enough to say he is making things up," Cuban said. "Not one grain of truth to anything he said."