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Game 28 - Nets vs. Hawks - Sunday, December 19, 1:00

One-third of the season is over and the Nets have won 7 games.  Even without a math degree, you know that projects out to 21 wins, which even in the East doesn't get you a playoff spot.  So the Nets keep talking about development and how soon, Derrick Favors will start...unless of course he is traded to Denver.

He won't be starting Sunday vs. the Hawks but expect him to get increasingly more minutes.  Also with Terrence Williams gone and swingmen Anthony Morrow, Damion James and Quinton Ross all hurting, expect Sasha Vujacic's number to get called a lot as well.  He promised a better performance next time out.

Joe Johnson returned for the Hawks Friday, contributing to a win over reeling Charlotte, the team's first win in three games.  They're now 17-11. His replacement, Jamal Crawford, may not play however, so expect more time for Jeff Teague, who's been playing well lately.  The Hawks have split with the Nets, losing 107-101 in overtime in New Jersey Nov. 23 and winning 116-101 Dec. 7 at home.