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When the Stars Come Out, It Must Be Newark

It could happen, a lineup so devastating it would drive other teams to distraction.  No, not the addition of Carmelo Anthony...rather a courtside lineup of Beyonce' Knowles, Kim Kardashian and Maria Sharapova, all cheering on their Nets in Newark. The possibility has not been lost on fans, particularly male ones.

Now the august New York Times is taking note of what a celebrity magnet the Prudential Center has become since the Nets moved in.  Not just the flashy Russian billionaire, whose suite features Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 and Cristal, but a host of, in the Times words, "the best in WAGs, wives and girlfriends". 

It is a little embarrassing for Kris Humphries whose new friend, Ms. Kardashian, has been getting a lot of attention.  Not so much for Sasha Vujacic, who is engaged to marry Mrs. Sharapova.  After all, he's played in Hollywood since 2004.  As for the coach, he'll take whatever buzz he can get.