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Will Nets Pitchmen Get Another Chance to Impress a Superstar?

It could be only a matter of time before the Nets' pitchmen pile onto Mikhail Prokhorov's Gulfstream again, bound for some small room armed only with a Powerpoint presentation and enthusiasm.  As Marc Stein reports, should he Nets and Nuggets agree to a deal, the Nets will then have to convince Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension.

How'd they do last time they tried it? Obviously, they didn't come away with the prize, but Brian Windhorst of ESPN ( formerly of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer) reports they certainly impressed more than the Knicks did back in July.

Windhorst writes the Knicks weren't even in LeBron James' top three, being stuck at the back of the line with the Clippers. That would mean the Nets were up there with the Heat, Bulls and Cavaliers and the big reason was the Nets' presentation and how it --and the Nets pitchmen-- blew away their New York rivals.