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2010 Is Hump Year

It's Kris Humphries' world.  We --and his teammates-- just live in it. Consider this: a year ago, he was playing in the shadow of Dirk Nowitzki...after playing in the shadow of Carlos Boozer and Chris Bosh.  No one knew a thing about his personal life. Now? He is one of the game's top rebounders,a double-double machine and a target of paparazzi.

Credit Avery Johnson's instruction for the former, Kim Kardashian's taste in men for the latter.  Still, the 25-year-old knows that a lot of this, well at least the basketball part, is transitory.  In spite of his eighth double double Friday, his fourth in five games, he's bound for the bench to play behind wunderkind Derrick Favors.  He could be part of a trade for Carmelo Anthony

He's matter-of-fact about the prospect."All I can really do is try to do my job when I'm in there.  Whether I’m part of the future or not part of the future, I know today I’m part of the plan," he said.