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Sales Pitch to Anthony Would Follow Agreement with Nuggets

Leading his Weekend Dime, ESPN's Marc Stein provides an FAQ on the latest in the pursuit of Carmelo Anthony. And according to Stein, the Nets are right in the middle of the Melodrama. But while they have unquestionably the best package to offer the Nuggets (and forget any notion that they can get Anthony without giving up Derrick Favors), they're still without any guarantee that Anthony would sign an extension.

The first step though is reaching an agreement on a deal with the Nuggets, which may come sooner than later, according to one of Stein's sources. At that point, the Nuggets would grant the Nets permission to meet with Anthony, and Mikhail Prokhorov, Jay-Z and company would present Melo with a sales pitch similar to the one they gave LeBron James in July. Stein believes that the pitch will be about an opportunity to be a franchise savior in the borough where Anthony was born.