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ESPN: Long-Term, Money Makes Nets Better

Chad Ford and John Hollinger are out with their latest Future Power Rankings, a look at how the NBA's 30 teams are positioned for the future, meaning the next three years. 

The Nets, with Mikhail Prokhorov now in charge, have moved up to 12th (from 15th last year), but still have a long way to go in ESPN Insider's complicated formula...which ranks the Heat #1 and the Thunder #2.

The two rank the Nets 25th in current talent, which accounts for 40% of the overall score; first in money; third in draft picks; 13th in market (New Jersey, not New York) and 19th in management, no doubt a shot at Billy King.  (Ranking the Nets 13th in market seems a bit silly, considering the progress at Barclays Center.)

"We are enthusiastic about what the Nets might be able to accomplish this summer," the two write. "We have them ranked No. 1 in our money category and feel like the free-agent shutout of 2010 won't happen again this time, as the team should have enough cap space to land a max player."  The Nets currently carry about $23 million in expiring contract on their books.