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London Calling: Brits Focus on Nets

With the Nets and Raptors about to play their first game of the season, London's dailies have been focusing on their next meetings, March 4 and 5, in the British capital's O2 Arena. In the past day, there have been stories on the Nets in the London Standard (three), the Daily Mirror and the Sun.

The city appears intent on making the first regular season European games a success. There's even been bits of news: the Sun reports that Jay-Z will be "part of the grand opening of the venue in Brooklyn"; Team Prokhorov, including the boss, will be coming to London "in force" for the March games, and team chairman Christophe Charlier saying the Nets need to make trades so they can be a championship contender by the time they move into Barclays Center.

London (following the preseason world tour) won't be the end of the Nets' last stop, says Brett Yormark. "We're playing globally. You'll see us overseas as much as we can. We work with the league to say hey, if you need a team to play globally, we'll raise our hand'.