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Picks, Not Players, Remain Critical to Wooing 'Melo From Denver

Woody Paige, the veteran Denver Post columnist, writes Friday that a deal between the Nets and Nuggets is more dependent on draft picks than players and raises the possibility that the Nets could get away with keeping Derrick Favors if they stockpile enough picks under Masai Ujiri's Christmas tree.

Paige writes, "the Nets now have a potential five first-round choices in the next three drafts — and seem more and more inclined each passing day to give up three No. 1s — or at least two and a player drafted No. 3 this year (Derrick Favors) — in return for Melo."  Denver's desire for more picks is based on scouting far into the future. They "believe there's another wave coming — like the draft Anthony was selected in with the Heat's James, Wade and Bosh in 2003."

Paige, who also writes a deal could come soon, adds that "Anthony hasn't necessarily ruled out the Nets."