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If Nets Get Anthony, Should Outlaw Be Moved to Power Forward?

The Nets currently look set at power forward with a surprising Kris Humphries and a talented Derrick Favors dividing minutes.  There's also Troy Murphy who may as well have "Trade Bait" on the back of his uniform jersey instead of his name.  But suppose the Carmelo Anthony deal goes through and two of those guys move.

Rob Mahoney, writing for the Times, suggests there would be an added benefit to that kind of deal: returning Travis Outlaw the position where he has been most effective during his career: power forward. 

"According to," Mahoney writes, "Outlaw averaged a decent but sub-average 14.2 PER at small forward over those three seasons, but an impressive 19.6 PER at power forward. That should have made it a no-brainer for Johnson to slot him alongside Lopez in the frontcourt."