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More Details on Trade

Here are some additional details on the Nets trade with the Rockets and Lakers:

--The Rockets first round pick in 2012 is lottery protected 1-14 until 2016 and then it rolls into a second round pick in 2017.
--The Lakers pick in 2011 is protected 1-18 until 2016 and than rolls into an unprotected pick in 2017
--The Nets are now over the salary cap by $45,097 which permits the team to use the 25%  "cushion" in trades.  The Nets can now trade for a player whose contract is 25% more than the contract(s) being sent out.  Teams over the cap  can normally sign players to MLE and LLE contracts to facilitate trades but the Nets renounced both last summer to get under the cap.

--The Nets have renounced their Bird Rights to Jarvis Hayes

Mark Deeks of ShamSports explains it all to you.  It starts with Keyon Dooling's buyout...