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King: Trade About Acquiring Assets, T-Will Not Working Out for Nets

With the trade of Terrence Williams, Joe Smith and two second round picks for Sasha Vujacic and two (protected) first round picks official, Billy King briefly met with beat reporters and told them what they knew already. It's about acquiring assets and that Terrence Williams wasn't going to work out playing in New Jersey. 

"This trade benefits our team in both the short and long term," King said. "Sasha is a veteran NBA player who will add depth to our backcourt rotation, while the addition of the two future number one picks adds to our assets as we look to rebuild into a championship contender."

King added, "The phones have been ringing more" when he was asked if he expects to do more deals. Meanwhile, it looks like Vujacic will be pressed into service sooner rather than later.  The Nets are concerned that Anthony Morrow may have torn his hamstring.  The team is awaiting the result of an MRI.

While fans are sharply divided on the trade, the first returns from pundits are that the Nets did well because they enhanced their ability to haul in their big target, Carmelo Anthony...and thus enhance their position in their rivalry with the Knicks...or go in another direction.