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Favors: Double-Double + Rumors

The rookie rankings are out and Derrick Favors, off his double double vs. Philly, is ranked #4 on ESPN's list and #9 on's.  But for how long will he be a Net?  According to every report, he remains the centerpiece of the Nets' offer for Carmelo Anthony. David Thorpe of ESPN explains why he's so valued.

"Heading into the season, scouts felt that Favors had lots of upside but very little polish. Breaking down his game on tape reveals that he has a lot more polish than expected," writes Thorpe, who has Favors behind only Blake Griffin, John Wall and the uber-surprise, Landry Fields. John Hollinger, who relies purely on stats, has Favors at #6.

Drew Packham compares the #3 pick to the player taken ahead of him, Evan Turner of the 76ers. "Favors had 10 points and 13 rebounds Tuesday in the Nets' 82-77 loss to the Sixers in another "matchup" with No. 2 pick Evan Turner (zero points, six rebounds)."