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In Denver, Confusion and Anxiety

Late last night, the worlds of Net and Nugget fans were all a-twitter when a Denver television station tweeted that a deal had been reached between the teams that would send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey.  The station quickly toned down the report when everyone, including both teams and 'Melo himself, denied it.

"Hey, Melo, it sounds like it's pretty much official you're headed to the Nets tomorrow," asked one reporter after Anthony dropped 35 points in a win over the Magic.

"Am I?" responded Melo. "I don't know, dog. This is new. I haven't heard that."

"So you're officially saying you know nothing about it?"

"I'm officially saying I don't know nothing about it."

As one veteran Denver Post reporter tweeted, what may not be true Tuesday night could be true Wednesday. Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone, who broke the trade story, and Stefan Bondy both tweet that the Nets have not been told they're out of the bidding.