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A Surprised but Relieved Vujacic: "I Want to Double What I Did in LA"

Putting aside the Carmelo Anthony possibilities, what does Wednesday's trade bring to the Nets?  If you ask Sasha Vujacic, who's been in Phil Jackson's doghouse, it brings relief and as much of a brand new start as Terrence Williams will get with the Rockets.  And like T-Will, Vujacic will tell you he's relieved, if surprised.

"I'm 26 years old, I've played a few years and the last couple years playing on and off, it was just killing," Vujacic said Tuesday night. "We'll see -- if it happens -- then I definitely want to double what I did in LA."

Vujacic, who holds the Lakers' single season three point shooting record, will bring more than a shooter's mentality, says his once and future teammate, Jordan Farmar. "He’s a good teammate, a hardworker, a tremendous shooter. He’s going to be scrappy on defense and he’s a feisty European, that’s how I would describe him.