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Ross Starts Again as Outlaw Works on His Jump Shot

Quinton Ross will get his second start Tuesday vs. the Sixers.  It's not that rare.  Ross has started more than one-third of the games he's played in during his career.  Of course, he's in the starting five because Travis Outlaw has been woeful lately and Damion James will be out for six to eight weeks with a screw in his broken right foot.

Outlaw spent a lot of time after Tuesday's shootaround, as he did Monday night, working with Popeye Jones on his jumper.  Avery Johnson said Outlaw had "one of his better practices" on Monday and Outlaw denied his $35 million contract has put high pressure on him.  "No. I’ve got high expectations for myself. I want to be good at what I do. So I mean just the fact when I’m having trouble trying to find [my shot] -- it gets irritating to me. It’s frustrating for myself, but my contract doesn’t have anything to do with it."