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'Melo-Drama Continues

No, he doesn't think a trade is imminent and no, he never told the Nuggets front office he would only sign an extension with the Knicks (how about his agent?).  Yes, he is focused on winning games and yes, he likes Denver.  And blah and blah and blah.  The trade deadline is 72 days away.  Based on the latest reports, expect a lot more of the same re one Carmelo Anthony.

As Peter Vecsey writes of the 'Melo-Drama, "I don't believe anything I read. How could I when I scarcely believe half of what I write."  In short, Vecsey thinks the Nets have the best shot at Anthony, but the Nuggets want more than the Nets have thus far offered.  Vecsey also thinks whatever happens will likely take place sooner rather than later, like before Christmas. As for Chris Sheridan's reporting, Vecsey calls it "fountains of misinformation that frequently play make-believe".