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Power Rankings: "Don't Let Go of the Rope" Edition

John Schuhmann has mercy on the Nets in this week's power rankings.  In spite of a week of losses --seven in a row-- Schuhmann actually jumps the Nets one place, to #25.  Of the Nets' youth, he writes, "Sunday's strong effort against the Lakers is evidence that they haven't let go of the rope."  He also notes that the Nets are 5-1 with Devin Harris scoring 21 or more...but that hasn't happened in seven games.

Marc Stein is almost as kind. He keeps the Nets at #27.  Among the stats he pulls out is this one: Avery Johnson never lost more than four straight games as the Mavs' head coach. His ESPN colleague, John Hollinger, is of the same mind.  He keeps them at #25. Hollinger also ranks the Knicks at #15, noting their schedule.