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King: With Our Record, We Have To Make Trades

Billy King keeps saying that he doesn't see a lot of activity this week, now that players signed in the off-season can be dealt for the first time (even though 108 players --about one quarter of the NBA-- meet that definition).  Instead, he expects most teams will wait til it's closer to the February 24 deadline ...and that includes the Nets.

"We’ll probably do some deals before the deadline, I’m pretty sure,'' King said. "When you have your record like we are, you’ve got to do some things to get better.'' As for the rumors that Carmelo Anthony isn't willing to sign an extension with the Nets, King had little to say. When asked if, hypothetically, he would move beyond 'Melo if that prospect fell part, he replied, "That’s my job, is to stay on the phones and find something that’ll help us. And that’s what I’ll continue to do.''