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Reports: 'Melo Won't Sign with Nets

Both Chris Sheridan and Ken Berger report Carmelo Anthony has told the Nuggets' front office he won't sign a $65 million contract extension with any team other than the Knicks. That would dash the Nets' hope of acquiring the three-time all-star and hurt their chances of competing with the Knicks.

Quoting "a source who has been privy to private discussions", Sheridan writes 'Melo won't agree to sign anywhere else long term.  Berger confirms the report.  The Nets have been after Anthony since September in hopes he would sign the extension with them. Various trade scenarios have been suggested by writers, with all including Derrick Favors and at least two draft picks plus either Devin Harris, Troy Murphy or Kris Humphries

Tweets from Frank Isola and Benjamin Hochman seem to contradict the reports from Sheridan and Berger, saying that a trade to a team other than the Knicks is still possible.  Marc Stein of ESPN writes the Nets and Nuggets continue to talk and "no one has told the Nets to stop wasting their time because Melo is in Knicks-only mode when it comes to an extension".

The Nets' front office has been quoted as saying that without an agreement on an extension, they will not make the deal. "The news that Anthony will not agree to sign with them long-term effectively knocks them out of the bidding," Sheridan concludes.