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Carmelo Willing to Consider Denver, Interested in Brooklyn Arena

Carmelo Anthony is in New York to play the Knicks...and test out his sore knee.  So when he talked to the media, what he said bore listening to.  He surprised the reporters by saying he is still considering that $65 million extension offered last summer by the Nuggets.  He doesn't think he has to sign it before the trade deadline but admits things are likely to be settled by the trade deadline.

As for that new arena a few miles from his birthplace in Red Hook, Anthony had this to say: "We shall see. Man, I think that’s what a lot of people are waiting for, for that team to move to Brooklyn and see how it’s going to turn out -- if it’s going to be a Lakers-Clippers type of situation or what. I think a lot of people are anticipating that move... "I’m one of the guys that are waiting to see how that’s going to turn out."

Memo to 'Melo: Mikhail Prokhorov is definitely not Donald Sterling.