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Game 24 - Nets vs. Lakers - Sunday, December 12, 1:00

The Nets have lost eight of their last nine.  That makes them only slightly worse than the Lakers who have lost six of their last nine.  Of course, the Nets have lost six straight and the Lakers are, well, the Lakers.  The defending champs have fallen on hard times mainly because of a misfiring offense, scoring 100 or more points only twice in that span.

Kobe Bryant has had his games, but overall he he has not produced at his previous high levels.  And historically, no team has done better defensively vs. Kobe than the Nets.  New Jersey Nets...Kobe Killers.  So is there hope?  Maybe, but Phil Jackson can't be that worried.  He gave the team off today after arriving in New York. 

Devin Harris and Damion James remain game time decisions.  Avery Johnson would like to keep Travis Outlaw as sixth man so Quinton Ross or Stephen Graham may get a start.  One other story line: Jordan Farmar, if he fills in for Harris, will be facing his old teammates for the first time in Newark.  And of course, we'll be counting Kardashians. Kim? Khloe...Mrs. Lamar Odom?