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Now, It's the Defense Falling Apart

The Nets' difficulties early in the season had a saving grace: their defense was playing well, leading to opportunity at the end of games. Not anymore. With the league's second best offense about to roll into Newark on Sunday, Avery Johnson is looking for some change.

"We're kind of changing a couple [of] things here and there so we're not reading situations well," said Devin Harris, who suffered a sprained left shoulder Thursday vs. the Mavericks and is "questionable" for the Lakers.

Meanwhile on the Carmelo Anthony front, Fred Kerber reports the Nets "have no official offer on the table but remain confidently in the hunt for the star, proceeding as if Anthony would be amenable to a move to New Jersey." In spite of such optimism, and Ken Berger's report that the Nets haven't been told Anthony is opposed to signing an extension, Marc J. Spears hears differently, writing that 'Melo "still isn’t interested in playing for the New Jersey Nets."