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In Thorpe Re-Draft, Favors Goes #2

Derrick Favors has had an up and down rookie year, which is what you would expect from the NBA's youngest player.  Still, ESPN's rookie ranker, David Thorpe, thinks if the 2010 Draft were held this week, Favors would be a lock for the second overall pick, just behind John WallEvan Turner, taken at #2 by the 76ers, wouldn't even go in the top 10, writes Thorpe.

"This looks like as much of a no-brainer as the No. 1 selection," he writes. "With the Nets, Favors has shown tremendous promise as a rebounder and scorer in the paint and would have gotten plenty of minutes in Philly's rotation." If Philly had taken Favors, Thorpe thinks the natural selection for the Nets would have been DeMarcus Cousins

  • NBA Rookie Rankings: Redraft, Version 1.0 - David Thorpe - ESPN Insider