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In New Battle of NBA Billionaires - Cuban Attacks, Prokhorov Parries

Mark Cuban isn't worth one-eighth of what Mikhail Prokhorov is worth.  He's probably worth less than James Dolan.  But he does have the NBA track record Prokhorov or Dolan dream of: ten straight 50-win seasons and a reputation of doing everything first class. So his comments about Prokhorov, even in jest, got some attention.

"He's a (expletive)," said Cuban as he worked out on an exercise bike, quickly adding, "I said it jokingly. The guy is like a Russian Ninja and trains with every weapon known to man."  The expletive challenged Prokhorov's manhood.

Cuban did say that Prokhorov has to be ready to do the big deal...and show up at more games.  "If Prokhorov does what I did to try to make deals and get something before the trade deadline then all that changes. But, you know, building a true professional team means having to spend money. We just haven't seen it."

Prokhorov responded to Cuban on Friday afternoon.  "I think Mark has it wrong,'' Prokhorov said in a statement. "I don't like cats."