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Nets to Become "Brooklyn Ballers"? Fuggedaboutit! Says Team

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Sam Amico of FOX Sports quotes a Nets "insider" as saying the team won't be known as the Nets once they move to Brooklyn, and that "Brooklyn Ballers" is one name being "floated". Amico adds that the team will have to be called "Brooklyn". The Knicks "don't want another 'New York,' and word is, they made a stink about it." Amico adds that he prefers "Brooklyn Dodgers".

Before the Nets-Cavaliers game reached halftime, a team spokesman called the report totally false.

Even If the Nets had considered "Brooklyn Ballers", they didn't trademark it, which they would have had to do to secure rights to the name. As for "Brooklyn Dodgers" it is trademarked, held by the Los Angeles Dodgers. They're unlikely to give it up.

As for the Knicks not wanting the team to be called "New York", the Nets own the trademark for "New York Nets" and can use it if they wish. Finally, just before Mikhail Prokhorov agreed to buy the team, Bruce Ratner inserted a clause in his agreement with the ESDC permitting the team to be called either "Brooklyn" or "New York".