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New Guys Getting the Hang of It?

Truth be told, the two guys whose faces adorn most of the Nets promotional material didn't play so well in Florida.  For whatever reason --Big Three, Big Dwight, shoulder soreness-- Devin Harris and Brook Lopez were underwhelming.  But if you were looking for some solace, the play of two free agents might have provided it.

In Orlando, it was Travis Outlaw (along with Kris Humphries and Terrence Williams) hitting 7-of-18 for 17 points. In Miami, it was Anthony Morrow who not only shot 4-for-7 from downtown but also garnered seven rebounds and stole the ball three times on his way to 25 points. 

Flash in the pan or work in progress? Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld interviews Outlaw who says he and his teammates are just getting "comfortable" with their roles and thinks the playoffs are possible.