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Huh?! Erik Spoelstra Calls Nets "Nameless, Faceless Opponent"

If the Nets needed any more motivation to give their all against the Heat, Erik Spoelstra just provided it.  In a press conference just before the Nets-Heat game, Spoelstra referred to the Nets as a "nameless, faceless, opponent".  Beat reporters Colin Stephenson and Stefan Bondy tweeted from Miami, noting that Spoelstra went through the entire press conference without one mention of the Nets.  And there was not one question from Miami media about the Nets either.

The coach (whose father Jon was president of the Nets in the early 1990's) was discussing how the Heat had to focus after losing to the undefeated Hornets on Friday night.  The Heat, with the Miami Thrice of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, is 4-2 after the loss.