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Nets Marketing Favors to Nuggets... and Their Fans

For a team that is, by all indications, offering Derrick Favors as the main piece in a trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Nets are sure promoting the heck out of him while he's still in New Jersey.

There's a minute long mix tape of his dunks posted on the front page of the Nets website along with a picture of him fronting a link to individual game ticket sales.  Friday, the Nets sent out an email under his name, thanking fans who bought tickets on the homestand...and offering a 50% discount on tickets to the Hawks game on November 23.

And while Avery Johnson says he's spoken to Favors, the front office hasn't discussed the negotiations with him. 

"Nope, they haven't said nothing," he confirms with a shrug in an interview with HoopsWorld's Alex Raskin. Meanwhile, Al Iannazzone updates the latest in the "Melo Drama".