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Is Favors' Progress Giving Nets Second Thoughts About Trade?

We know how you feel, but Al Iannazzone reports Thursday the Nets still have an offer on the table for Carmelo Anthony: Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, two first-round picks and/or Kris Humphries, "and would be willing to take back more players and provide Denver with salary cap relief." 

But as the Nuggets dawdle and reports suggest 'Melo still hasn't "warmed" to playing for the Nets, Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld believes the Nets must have some anxiety about shipping Favors out west.

After his 11-point, 8-rebound performance in 23 minutes vs. the Bobcats, Favors had the highest Player Efficiency Rating of any rookie and the highest rebounding rate of any player in the NBA.

Moreover, reports Raskin, "Favors' teammates want him around", quoting both Anthony Morrow and Terrence Williams on the rookie's progress.