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Critics Try One Last Time to Stop Arena

Brooklyn critics of Atlantic Yards filed a motion today asking a Manhattan judge issue a stop order on construction of Barclays Center.  The critics, including Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, won its first legal victory three weeks and now want  the judge who gave them hope to halt construction on the nearly $1 billion arena.  Steel continues to rise at the site.

However, that appears unlikely as Judge Marcy Friedman specifically chose not to stay arena construction in her November 8 ruling. Instead, Friedman asked the Empire State Development Corporation reassess its reliance on a 10-year build-out schedule for the overall Atlantic Yards project or seek a new environmental impact statement.  The ESDC lengthened the schedule to up to 25 years because of economic conditions. Critics are particularly upset at the prospect of a massive "interim" parking lot. next to the arena.  If the rest of the project isn't built, they fear the 1,100-car lot will cause congestion and pollution.