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Game 18 - Nets @ Knicks - Tuesday, November 30, 7:30

Who owns New York?  Good question.  If you look at this year's record, so far it's the Knicks, but here's a historical note to be aware of: The Nets are 81-79 all-time against the Knicks, one of only four opponents the Nets hold winning all-time records against. Here's another: According to Basketball reference, the Knicks have won 288 games since 2001-02, ten seasons back. That's four fewer than the Clippers. (Does that make the Knicks, not the Nets, Clippers East?  We would never say that.)

One thing we will say: this rivalry is getting a lot hotter a lot faster than we expected. Since last June's "Blueprint for Greatness" unveiling, the two teams are battling not just for respect but primacy in the metropolitan area, particularly Brooklyn.  The MSG spot is just the latest of marketing moves and counter moves.  Hey, even Knicks rookie Landry Fields thinks Tuesday night's game has a playoff quality.  How a Knicks rookie would know that is beyond us.