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Power Rankings: Kardashian Edition

John Schuhmann points out this week that the Nets, who he moved up two places to #23, are "1-1 with Kim Kardashian in attendance".  The supermodel turned reality TV star turned Kris Humphries' special friend was on hand to watch The Hump's four-block performance, a big lift for the struggling Nets. There are other indicators of course.  As Schuhmann tweeted following the game, "Nets are now 5-1 when Devin Harris scores 21+. Only loss was to Orlando in the final seconds".

Marc Stein points out the larger Kardashian Connection in moving the Nets form #26 to #24: "If the rumors are true about Kris 'Career Year' Humphries and Kim Kardashian, maybe Prokhorov wins that ring sooner than anyone thinks, as the Saints (Kim, Reggie Bush) and Lakers (Khloe and Lamar) could tell you".