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Lopez Playing Too Far From Rim?

Truth be told, if Eastern Conference coaches were to choose the East's All-Star back-up center this morning, Brook Lopez would be out of luck.  Roy Hibbert of the Pacers would likely get the nod.  He's averaging a couple of points per game less than Lopez, but he's averaging more rebounds, more blocks, more assists and shooting better from the floor.  Plus, he's coming off a 24-12-6 game in a win over the Lakers.

What gives with Lopez, all of whose numbers have regressed?  Sebastian Pruiti thinks it's about position. "He's playing farther away from the basket. Last year, 32.8 percent of Lopez's shots came outside of 10 feet, this year that number has jumped to 42.8 percent. Not coincidentally, just 20.2 percent of Lopez's shots have come at the rim."