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Ex-Nets Have Hard Time Forgetting

The Nets now have six wins, half of what they achieved last season, but no one has forgotten, particularly general managers.  Seven former Nets have found work, but three --Jarvis Hayes, Rafer Alston and Trenton Hassell-- never latched on with NBA teams. Josh Boone is in China, Sean Williams is in the D-League and Bobby Simmons is home after being cut so the Spurs could sign Chris Quinn.

Jonathan Abrams talks to several of the ex-Nets as well as Rod Thorn and Kiki Vandeweghe, who disagree on the stigma attached to 12-70.  There's no doubt in Keyon Dooling's mind however. "A lot of good players are without jobs because of that whole stigma." Abrams also reveals Avery Johnson gave Courtney Lee a choice between staying and going.