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Avery Happy with Shootaround

The Nets spent some time at the PNY Center Sunday morning. They sat in oversized theatre seats watching and listening --attentively said Avery Johnson-- as the coaching staff unspooled a horror movie in the team video room. 

It's a rarity for an NBA team to have any kind of activity between games of a back-to-back, particularly one involving travel.  But the Nets didn't look like much of an NBA team Saturday as they admittedly "folded" against the league's worst team.

Did the coach get what he wanted?  "It was mainly just muscle memory -- (a) mental day. We shot a few shots, but I was really happy with what we got out of it today," said Johnson.  Meanwhile, Troy Murphy says he doesn't know what to expect vs. the Trailblazers.  "I'll just prepare myself to play and whatever happens, happens," said Murphy.  He's not happy.