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Does the "D" in D-League Stand for "Development" or "Discipline"?

No matter how much or how often Avery Johnson claims that Terrence Williams' demotion, uh assignment, to the D-League is about development, pundits continue to see it as a disciplinary measure, and one that is unlikely to work. The league's greatest successes have been about development.

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! is the latest to criticize the Nets for the move...a week after D-Leaguers praised the Nets for their agreement to take over basketball operations of the Springfield Armor.  In fact, he suggests that T-Will's punishment tour with the Armor is a D-League first.  Still, he notes, Williams has not followed up on his success at the end of last season, has appeared out of shape and is in general suffering from a lack of professionalism, noting "The Nets, wrong as they are, could turn out to be right."