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Game 17 - Nets vs. Trailblazers - Sunday, November 28, 7:00

After the Nets' debacle on Saturday night, you'd hope the team will, as the coach said, "get this taste out of our mouths."

It won't be easy. The Blazers have had a tough time this year, losing Greg Oden for another season and wondering if Brandon Roy will ever regain his explosiveness. But they're still 8-7 and playing good defense. Roy had a good game just before they left Portland. Joel Pryzbilla was supposed to make his season debut Sunday after missing the beginning of the season following knee surgery. However, he came down with the flu.

Johnson scheduled a shootaround for Sunday morning.  Asked if he would have called the shootaround if the team had won, the coach responded, "Probably not, but we need to wake the troops up a little bit."