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Ratner Critic Suggests Nets Scout Got Job Through Brooklyn Politics

Norman Oder, one of the leading critics of Atlantic Yards, suggests that Nets scout Khalid Green got his job because his father, Roger, supported the Yards project as a state assemblyman. While noting "all evidence suggests Khalid Green, as a successful high school coach, was with so much about Atlantic Yards, it sure helps to know the right people to nudge ahead on the line."

Green, who is the Nets East Coast college scout, is the son of Brooklyn Assemblyman Roger Green, a leading supporter of the multi-billion dollar project.  Green also received campaign contributions from Ratner's brother, then a minority owner in the team.  Oder surfaces an interview with the younger Green in which he notes "Mr. Ratner had a prior relationship with my father and soon I was introduced to him. Here preparation met opportunity...Mr Ratner set up a sit down with first Mr. Ed Stefanski and then Mr. Kiki Vandeweghe."

Oder apparently did not contact the Nets for comment.